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The island is dominated by the mountain ranges of Ypsario (1204 meters) and Profitis Ilias (1100 meters) and the majority of the centre is covered by a commercially managed pine forest. Towns and villages are mainly confined to the narrow, low-lying, coastal fringe, where olive groves are a prominent feature of the landscape. One of the most northerly of the Greek islands, Thasos escapes the wild blast of the meltemi wind in July and August. The island has some impressive beaches with the best in the south and east.

Chalkidiki is a three-pronged peninsula, located in Northern Greece, roughly in the center of Macedonia. To the North it shares borders with the prefecture of Thessaloniki, the country's second largest city. To the South, East and West Chalkidiki juts into the Aegean Sea. The main peninsula terminates in three smaller ones, namely Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, well known as the Holy Mountain (independent administrative district).

Sunny golden beaches, deep and picturesque gulfs, traditional villages and modern tourist resorts, small islands and sheltered bays, rich history, competitive cultural heritage and warm people, Mediterranean climate and magnificent natural beauty.

A gorgeous, verdant place, which at one point is no more than 2 km far from the coast of Asia Minor. It is covered with pure white sand beaches, picturesque villages, fishing harbors and it is famous for the production and the quality of its wine. The essential beauty of the nature, the historical sites that are spread all over the island and the charming mountainous landscape of Samos create a unique atmosphere which enchants the visitors and carry them in another era.
It is the second highest island in the Aegean. Mount Fengari (Moon) rises to 1600 m. The island is small, 176 square km., but it contains one of the ancient world's great mystery sites, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, including the Great Mother of Axeiros and the Cabeiroi.
The island of harmony, beauty and serenity. A place where melody and lyrical thought flowered, where the praises of Virtue and Beauty were sung. Birthplace of Sapfo, Arion, Alkaios and Terpander, Lesvos is a gem in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.



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